Southwest Specialties

Being a southwest Oklahoma  specialty food company we specialize in southwest foods such as posole,s, peppy pinto beans &chili seasoning.  You can take great pleasure in enjoying these southwest traditions. 


Specially prepared dry corn with all the spices needed. A true Tex-Mex delight. Brings good fortune when eaten on Christmas Eve or New Year's Day! This is your traditional dish with the needed  spices included. Recipe on label

No msg and Gluten Free  12oz pouch

Peppy Pinto Beans

Enjoy  "Peppy" pintos with the seasoning packet. If you're a bean lover, you'll surely enjoy this true Southwest dish. All natural, No preservatives, No fat. Two spice packets for your choice of mild or hot beans. This seasoning was used to win the Oklahoma bean cook off at the state fair many years ago. Each packet will season 1 lb of dry beans. 

No msg and Gluten Free

Chili Seasoning Mix

A delicious seasoning that is warm but not too hot.  No cholesterol, No preservatives, No sugar.Note hunters love this seasoning for venison seasoning. Seasons 2 lbs of meat. No msg and Gluten Free
2 oz. pack.
cheezy queso mix 80085

Cheezy Queso Mix

With a careful combination of Cheese, Herbs & Spices, our Scott Farms family has developed a unique and tasty specialty Queso Mix.

Instructions: Mix package contents and 2 cups of water with whisk. Microwave on high for 5 minutes. Stir. Microwave 5 additional minute, then stir again. Let stand for 5 minutes. Serve. No MSG. No Cholesterol. Gluten Free