Customer Comments

We (the Scott Farms Family) have over the years received so many complimentery letters and emails that we decided to share a few of the more recent ones. It is our loyal customers that bring us the most satisfaction. We truly appreciate all our customers.

Hello everyone at Scott Farms,

Just wanted to tell you we received our order today. Thanks so much for the extra receipe sheets that you put with the order and your fast services.. Can't wait to try some of the new stuff we ordered. We sure love the Scott Farms Olde West Chuckwagon Rub & Soups.

Thanks again.

Dick & Judy, La


Thank you very much. I am a photographer and have been at several shows with your guys (Events Managment Shows, i think) and we loved your soup!! Bought 3 and ate them the first 3 days we were home! Thanks alot!

Terri, Va


Scott Farms, 

I will just order the right item with the discount. I appreciate your effort for good customer service. It makes a difference to me when it is the cutomers mistake! I will take 10 of the Scott Farms Enchilada Soup. If you need any more information let me know! 




We found you at a craft show in Mt. Vernon, Missouri one year and purchased your soup mixes and LOVED them. They were good plain as directed and great after you doctored them up. They only lasted a few months and it's been a long time to find you. My kids talk about your Scott Farms Cheezy Enchilada Soup all the time!!  Very happy to have found you!!


Shawna, Mo.


Thank you so much for sending the pkg of "goodies". Here is the balance-that I owe you & thank you for the free item. I really love all your products. I'm an excited user! Just today I got a call from a Monstary to cook at their retreat in March. I will be serving some of your products with my menu-They do not eat meat so I feel very blessed to have on hand your soups & all the non-meat items. I can use- Thanks a Million-Bless you,

Pat, Va



Do we have great news for you! We absolutely love your products!! We have been using it for some time, so much so, it has become a part of our lifestyle. And it is comforting to know we can depend on you to bring us the best! So, Cowboy Hats off to everyone there for bringing us top quality products.

God Bless,

Jack, Scottsdale, Az


Dear Folks,

A true story! A friend had given us your Scott Farms Texas Tortilla Soup Mix as a gift.We tried it ! We loved it! We're hooked!!! So now, we give it as gifts unless we decide to eat it ourselves.. Hee!!Hee!! We do brag about it to our friends. So, thanks for a great product!! Keep up the good work!

The Petter's, Fl


My grandson bought a few bags of Scott Farms Enchilada Soup Mix at the Winfield Music Festival just recently. We really thought it was great. Would you please write me & tell me how we could get more of your "Soup Mix" in Kansas.

Ruth, Shawnee, Ks



I am writing to you concerning the Scott Farms Reds, Rice & Spice . This product has become a favorite of mine and several acquaintances. I am sending you a self-stamped, self-addressed envelope in which please let me know if I can order this in quanity such as 12, 24, or 36. 

Ingrams, Tx


Dear Sirs,

I purchased the Scott Farms Creamy Potato Soup at the Blue Grass Festival in Winfield. It was a very good & would like more. I am wondering if there is any place here close that this soup is available or do you ship it. I would appreciate hearing from you with prices etc. 


Joce, Ks


I never did get around to seeing Y'all during the Symposium, but my wife & I did make a pot of chili last night with the Scott Farms Chili Seasoning you gave me while you were unloading your truck, I will be ordering more real soon, this was the best we've ever eaten from  a package.

Joe Ruidoso,NM


I thought I would save 37 cents postage and use your free 800 number, but since I don't hear well and I'm in a wheel chair it is difficult to get to my phone if you returned my call-so here I am writing. I  had some of your Scott Farms Creamy Potato Soup from a neighbor and thought it was so very good. For some time I've wanted to order some but did not know how much money (Check) to send. Could you send me a price list or catalog. I'd appreciate getting this as soon as possible for I want to order some of the creamy potato soup. Besides myself the others live in Montana, California, and Texas. Thank You.

J.H Okla


Just wanted to let you know how very good both your products and customer service are!! My previous order was received 4 days after I ordered it  on a weekend. Have just placed my second order, which will be used for xmas gifting...  

Thanks again!



I just wanted to let Ya'll know that my Mom gave me a package of Scott Farms Creamy Potato Soup. It was sooooooo good, that I made a piggy out of myself and ate two bowls! I look forward to making an order online or seeing ya'll at one of the Christmas fairs in Kenner or Covington next year!!  

In all Deliciouness,

Melissa, La