Old Fashioned Candies

These old fashioned candies will be loved by both young and old.

Old Fashioned Root Beer Drops

Taste the flavor of root beer without the actual drink.

Old Fashioned Licorice Squares

For you licorice lovers this is the flavor of the old fashioned licorice without the chewy filling pulling taffy types. This is an old fashioned favorite.

Old Fashioned Horehound Herbal Drops

This is definitely an old fashioned candy that some people have an acquired taste for or had as a kid to cure deep coughs. It is a stronger flavor than most candies.

Old Fashioned Green Apple Drops

This has the taste of sweet apples not the sour candy that a lot of companies now sell. This is like what was found in old general stores in the candy kegs.

Old Fashioned Lemon Drops

This is the type of lemon drops that has been a favorite for many years going back to your grandparents' days. This is our number one selling candy.

Old Fashioned Cherry Drops

This is our second best selling candy. It reminds you of the old fashioned sweet cherry cough drops you had as a kid. It is not a cough drop but a wonderful sweet cherry drop.

Old Fashioned Peppermint Drops

This tastes like your stick peppermint candy without the mess. This is a great after dinner candy.

Old Fashioned Watermelon Drops

We love this one. A great tasting sweet watermelon candy that kids of all ages will love.

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Drops

This is for people that love a true cinnamon flavor. Not like the watered down version you get at the store.