Cajun Style & Southern Flavor

If you crave deep southern dishes and true Cajun foods consider our Cajun style gourmet specialties. For the spicier taste bud try our Derty Rice and Blackened Seasoning. For a true Southern Flavor try our Hoppin Jon and Reds, Rice and Spice. Please visit our Recipe Section for great dishes using our Scott Farms Cajun & Southern Flavor Products!

Reds, Rice & Spice

12 oz. Bag A traditional Cajun specialty. Spicy but not overbearing. Low fat, No sugar, Low sodium, and No MSG. Reds, Rice, & Spice has been in our line since 1983. If you love beans you will not want to pass this one up!!! recipe on label gluten free

Derty Rice

12 oz. Pouch Another Cajun tradition. If you like it kicked up, this dish is for you!! Both the rice and spices are included in the pouch. To add more body to this dish add your favorite sausage or hamburger meat otherwise just use chicken broth for a low-fat meal. No fat, No sugar and No MSG. Makes 8 servings. gluten free Click on recipes for additional uses for Derty Rice. Jambalaya

Blackened Seasoning

4 oz. Pouch Outrageously delicious! Uses include the following: Use it for the tried and true "Blackened Fish" dishes Add this special seasoning to your fish, poultry and beef fajitas. Sprinkle on potatoes, okra, and squash before frying. Season for your ground beef Mix into hamburger meat before grilling. No preservatives, No sugar and No MSG. gluten free Click on the recipes for additional uses for Blackened Seasoning. Spicy Cajun Blackened Burgers Cajun Blackened Steaks Cajun Baby Back Ribs Scott Farms Crawfish Etoufee Spirited Blackened Fried Chicken

Hoppin Jon

2 Seasoning Packs (Each pack seasons 12 ozs. of black-eyed peas) Our own blend of rice and spices to season your good-luck black-eyed peas. Use seasoning on dried, canned, frozen or fresh black-eyed peas. A true Southern tradition. No sodium, No fat, No preservatives and No MSG. gluten free