Texas Style

TexMex is a tradition in Texas. We are located on the Red River border north of Texas and specialize in true Texas dishes such as Texas Tortilla Soup and Texas Chili.

Texas Chili

Gluten Free Chili Seasoning
A true "Southwest" chili that requires only 2 lbs. of meat, 16 oz. of tomato sauce, and our seasoning. A mouth-watering blend that will perk up your taste buds but not too spicy. No fat, No preservatives, No sugar, No MSG, Gluten Free. For hunters this chili mix is excellent for venison. This is a quality seasoning mix!!

Texas Tortilla Soup

Dieter"s dream soup (No fat, low carb, low sodium, no sugar, no MSG, Gluten Free.)
Our best Tex-Mex item. You will love this taste of Texas perfection. Just add chicken broth. No sugar, Low sodium, No preservatives, No MSG. Gluten Free Makes 8-10 servings. A healthy soup for people needing a low fat, low carb,low sodium diet.