Seasonal Specialties

Hot spice seasonings, Christmas cards that make 2 cups of holiday dip. Inside Greeting on all our greeting cards read: As we gather during this Joyous Season Thoughts turn to our family and friends What better way to celebrate our gatherings than with a "Seasoned Greeting". Wishing you a Happy Holiday.

Mulling Spices

Enjoy sitting around the fire sipping hot apple cider or your favorite fruit juice. One spice pack flavors 1/2 gallon of juice.We recommend cranapple juice for the base. It is very tasty and healthy . No sugar,No MSG, No sodium in seasoning. Gluten Free 3/4 oz. pack

The Wassail Bowl

Enjoy this traditional holiday beverage any time of the year. Spices and recipes included to prepare this hot and sweet drink. One spice pack will make 44 - 1/2 cup servings. Pineapple juice, apple juice, honey, and lemon added to the mix makes one of the finest hot drinks on the market. No msg and Gluten Free , no added sugar in mix all natural spices 1 oz pack